Ways To Win The War Against Mosquitoes

The war has been taken to your backyard.  These annoying insects known as mosquitoes have ruined your picnics, pool parties and lazy summer evenings enjoying the stars.  Well, enough is enough.  Today is the day that you start to fight back and win the war against mosquito infestations.

Tip one – Avoid attractive scents

Mosquitoes love pretty smelling things.  Lotions, body oils, candles and the like throw a lovely scent that attracts mosquitoes to you.  They also love it when you drink alcohol and change your blood chemistry.  If you want to keep mosquitoes away from you, it is a good idea to avoid these scents and stay as neutral smelling as possible.  If they can’t smell you, they won’t bother you.

Tip Two – Hire professionals

The next thing that you can do is hire professionals.  There are many people and companies out there dealing with mosquito control in Edgemoor.  These individuals and companies have a wide range of tools, chemicals and training to get rid of these insects.  If you want to do it yourself, we will have more options, however, if you just want them gone, hire a professional.

Tip Three – Wear light colored clothing

mosquito control in Edgemoor.

Don’t wear black.  If you wear black you are going to be holding in the heat your body radiates.  If you wear white or other light-colored clothing then you will be reflecting the heat away from you and mosquitoes won’t sense you.  I guess you can say that mosquitoes have heat vision.

Tips Four – Reduce shade

Just like us, mosquitoes like to stay cool in the daytime.  So, they will go to bushes and small trees and use them for shade.  If you keep these bushes and trees trimmed down, then you will reduce the shade and area that mosquitoes will go and hide out.