Clean and Disinfect Your Office to Protect Against COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus highlights the need for offices to clean and disinfect their facility to reduce the spread of this virus. We are all in this together and that means you must take extra precautions if it means keeping people safe.

Cleaning and disinfecting are two very different services but both are equally important. You may never have considered disinfecting before but it is time to change the way that you think to make sure everyone says safe.

Cleaning will remove visible dirt from a surface. On the other hand, disinfecting does not remove any dirty or grime but instead removes germs and bacteria. You can understand why both services are so important to our safety.

The best person to call to provide both services is a janitor. They’ll come to the business and make sure that it is always clean and disinfected with regular services. Or, schedule a one off service for now. It is up to you. What is important is that you make that call.

With help from Janitorial services in Asheville, NC, you are confident that your business is safe and that you are taking all precautions possible to protect employees and customers against the virus. That is so very important because we need to get through this.

Janitorial services in Asheville, NC

The cost of cleaning and disinfecting service varies from one client to another. Many factors affect the price, including the number of cleanings you need and the type of cleaning and disinfecting service. Always get quotes to learn the price of the job ahead of time.

Rest assured the cost to clean and disinfect the office is small in comparison to the benefits it brings. You need the assurance and everyone around you needs the extra protection. It is a win win for everyone.