Can You Imagine A Concrete Floor In Which You Can See Your Own Reflection?

It is not unimaginable. But it is going to take some work to get to this point. You would also have to bear this in mind. What are you using the concrete flooring for? Or rather, to what purpose your business. Because how you run your business, the kind of materials and goods that will be utilised across the flooring, and the amount of foot traffic as well as the kind of foot traffic, could have a bearing on the type of new jersey concrete floor coating that might be proposed.

It would be a step by step process, probably up to half a dozen. And it is a process that could take days to complete. Yes, it could even take longer. It all depends on what your skilled flooring technician has seen. And that is how the whole recoating process starts. The flooring technician will be looking to start stripping down the flooring’s surface to a point where he can then start adding the new materials.

It is here that a layered approach will be taken. And that takes time to complete. Layer by layer. Little by little. Each layer still needs to be set before the following layer is added. There will no doubt be a drying process involved, and this would require the use of a set of drying tools. Once the final layer has been set and dried, the flooring technician will proceed to the polishing work. And concrete or not, this is where you get to see your own reflection in the flooring.

new jersey concrete floor coating

But the shine does not stay indefinitely. It goes without saying that from this point onwards, regular maintenance and cleaning work will be required.